Slaying the Monster of Oversecrecy

Unnecessary, extreme secrecy is the Monster running amok in the castle of national security.

It is the Monster that has overthrown in spirit, if not in letter, a government that was meant to be of the People, by the People, and for the People.

If unstopped, this Monster will consume to the last drop all our civil liberties and civil rights which are the vital lifeblood of our partial republican democracy.

To slay this Monster once and for all — speaking metaphorically for sustained nonviolent action by We The People — it must be dragged out into the bright light of day, subjected to the scorching sunshine that will scour away all its evil.

Therefore, as the first step in my ‘Mastering the Genie’ countersurveillance manifesto, I have proposed programmatic transparency with compulsory disclosure as per a variegated cloak of secrecy.

In other words, all state surveillance actions must be logged in detail within a centralized database programmed to automatically capture such actions and alert targets (along with advocacy groups such as the ACLU, EFF, EPIC, and the National Lawyers Guild) immediately or up to no more than 13 months later, depending on where the targeted US citizen / permanent resident is listed on an innocence spectrum, from law-abiding American on one end to, on the other end, an American officially designated as a suspect in an attempted or committed act of terror.

Such programmatic transparency will empower ordinary Americans (citizens and permanent residents) seeking due process and redress — while inevitably sparking revelation-based debates on the morality, constitutionality, legality, and basic decency of state surveillance practices.

Programmatic transparency, once enacted, will not only metaphorically slay the Monster, but also it will open the gates and lower the drawbridge for We The People to storm and seize the castle of national security — which is, after all, purpose-built for our protection, not our persecution.

As the rightful rulers of this castle, We The People will then be able to holistically reshape our national security agenda — away from counterproductive, neocolonial, imperialist tactics which only create ever-new monsters to endlessly menace us — and towards a geopolitics of cosmopolitan, eco-sustainable, and truly democratic global coexistence.


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